Hand dyed wool blend yarn. Contains Falkland merino, Cheviot wool and recycled wool.



This sock weight yarn is hand-dyed and made of 50% Falkland Merino, 30% Cheviot wool, and 20% recycled wool.

The touch of this yarn is like old-fashioned ‘woolly wool’. It reminded me of the beautiful Nordic colorwork cardigans. It’s bouncy and not superwashed, so it’s also suitable for felting projects.

Yarn Weight: 4 ply Yarn
Structure: 2 Ply
Product Size: 350 metres per 100g
Needle/Hook Size: 3.25mm - 3.75mm
WPI: 18 - 24

Did you know that Falkland wool comes from the sheep of the Falkland Islands? The base flock of Falkland wool is Corriedale, Polwarth, and Dohne Merino. These breeds were specifically bred for the ability to survive in the harsh climate of the Falkland Islands. The upside of the harsh climate is that insects and disease are not a problem. The wool is almost guaranteed to be chemical-free. Since there are no known sheep diseases in the Falkland Islands, the sheep are never dipped and never go through mulesing. Falkland merino is warm and stronger than usual merino, making the yarn perfect for a nice hat, mittens, or a warm blanket. The natural conditions of the Falkland Islands, including its cool and damp climate and the lush pastures where sheep graze, contribute to the strength and durability of Falkland wool fibers. The cool climate helps to prevent the wool from becoming brittle, while the natural pastures provide the sheep with a diet rich in nutrients, resulting in strong and resilient wool fibers. Additionally, the clean and unpolluted environment of the Falkland Islands reduces the risk of contamination and damage to the wool fibers, further enhancing their strength and durability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I love your art yarns, but what can I do with it?

Well, the possibilities are endless! You can use art yarn to add a stunning detail to a larger knitting, crochet, weaving, or fiber art project. It can also be used for smaller projects like a necklace or scarf. If you're looking for inspiration, I recommend searching for art yarn projects on Ravelry and Pinterest. Once you start using hand spun yarn, you'll be absolutely hooked! 😊

Care instructions

Please keep in mind that wool based products should not be ironed or tumble dried and should only be hand or gently washed.