Red riding hood a-line girls skirt. With red and white polka dots, the cord has matching stoppers.



Red riding hood girls a-line skirt. The skirt is made out of premium quality (US import) cotton.

The waistband on this skirt is just like mom's but it has a handy cord to adjust the fitting. The cord has matching red riding hood and the wolf cord-stoppers.

This skirt can be ordered in sizes from 2 to 9 years old. Size 92-98 or 2-3 years is ready to ship. Other sizes take up to (a maximum of) five working days to be made.

The skirt is machine washable (up to 40 degrees Celsius and because of the cord in a lingerie bag)

If you would like me to customize your skirt (e.g. another color or another fabric) don't hesitate to ask!

S7oRs! stands for high quality, new, unique, handmade items for a reasonable price. If you have any questions at all don't hesitate to ask!

I Always wrap your order and if you want it gift wrapped for a special occasion, just let me know!

Shipping from The Netherlands

Ready to ship from the Netherlands.


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Did you know....

- I am a trained graphic designer and a registered mental health nurse. I combine my knowledge and experience to make beautifull, happy items.

- Every item I sell is hand made by myself. Thats why I can guarantee every item is unique and made with love and attention to details.